the expert of oenological routes

Wine tourism is particularly appreciated by the activities that it provides: tasting of great wines, walk in the vineyards, meeting with winemakers, etc.

Thus, OenoPath offers a new experience of wine tourism which will seduce an amateur or expert audience.

Accueil application OenoPath

a performing back-office to structure your data

A tool called back-office is madeavailable to the organization . In order to ease the content management of the application and the access to statistics which help the decision making process along.

Back Office OenoPath
  • Icone d'ajout de thematique Possibility to add and to delete themes / points of interest;
  • Icone de traduction Possibility to provide multilingual content;
  • Icone de statistiques Access to the statistics of use of use of the application as well as the typology and users' habits;
  • Icone de push Management "Push" information (good plans, etc.);
  • Icone du taux Possibility to maximize the penetration rate of visitors passing close to the premises;
  • Icone du taux Assistance in decision-making for the territorial strategy and the promotion of the territory;

the front office

The application offers a varied content of the different points of interest that the user will have to select.

They can be filtered by theme (eg school trails, grape harvest, etc.)

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recovery of the course

From the QR code, the NFC technology or a URL link, the user finds his personalized tour guide on his smartphone or tablet

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