Boost your attractiveness
with Pathinterest’s smart solutions


A solution that reinvents the customer experience of discovery and the notion of paths.

Pathinterest is the essential tool to transform the attractiveness of your place, while staying focused on your visitors.

Our technology is adapted to all desires and especially, to all user profiles.

Accueil application Pathinterest

the path'concept

With the emergence of new technologies and the overabundance of informations, our societies tends to adopt a strategy that aims to save attention. The ability to catch the audience attention has became something quite rare.  

It creates "tailor-made" routes for the user in the purpose of guiding him in the cities' complex environments, mall or more... Its themes are endessly reproductible (...). Pathinterest brings a breath of fresh air to the glow and the attractiveness of the territory.

Pathinterest is based on the innovative concept of « hyperpersonalisation » . It generates "tailor-made" courses for the use of the advisor in the complex environments of cities, shopping centers or others ...

Its themes are declined to infinity (Shopping, historical discovery, oenology, festivals, fairs ...). Pathinterest gives a new breath to the radiance and attractiveness of a territory. Our solutions are tools to help decision-making and economic development through the processing of data (dashboards, maps of the most visited places, statistics ...).

a performing back-office to structure your data

A tool called back-office is madeavailable to the organization . In order to ease the content management of the application and the access to statistics which help the decision making process along.

Back Office iStoryPath
  • Icone d'ajout de thematique Possibility to add and to delete themes / points of interest ;
  • Icone de traduction Possibility to provide multilingual content ;
  • Icone de statistiques Access to the statistics of use of use of the application as well as the typology and users' habits ;
  • Icone de push Management "Push" information (good plans, etc.) ;
  • Icone du taux Possibility to maximize the penetration rate of visitors passing close to the premises ;
  • Icone du taux Assistance in decision-making for the territorial strategy and the promotion of the territory ;

our vision about «smart solutions»

Icone Engagement


A smart guide must be stable and offer intelligent services adapted to everyone.

Icone Ergonomique


A harmonious and ergonomic design allows for an elegant and easy to use application.

Icone Ergonomique


A totally personalized and contextualized ondemand tourist guide.

concretely, how does it work?

creating courses

Step 1

étape 1

From a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, a touchscreen table, street furniture (compatible with JCDecaux terminals), the user creates his personalized route.

Step 2

étape 2

Route recovery : With his smartphone or tablet, the user gets his personalized route instantaneously from a QR code or NFC Technology.

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