For several years now, tourism has been trying to adapt to the digital revolution by bringing solution at the cutting edge of technology. After an overview of the existing initiatives, a quick analysis highlights that none of those are "tailor-made" or genuinely fit to every users' profiles.

This way, iStoryPath has been designed based on a concept of smart tourism that allows users to be free to discover whatever they want. Success being on the cards, starting a subsidiary devoted and focused on the smart tourism appears to be obvious...

This is how Pathinterest saw the light of the day, providing an unique approach of discovery through a contextualized and customed "smart guide 2.0".

We have your heart set on giving mankind tools they need to go beyond every new tourist experience by creating their own universe of discovery.

Thus, we bring out with our solutions a wide flexibility relative to each user imperative. To do so, the tourist creates his own guide of points of interest that includes his constraints (time, accessibility, environmental context, ...) via a generic platform.